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All the term you must know as a casino player

Scatter Symbol: One of the most important slot symbols that can appear on the reels of the slot machine. Scatter symbol does not appear as often in the game and does not necessarily have to land on a payline. Why is this symbol so popular? Scatter symbols trigger lucrative features, mostly free spins and bonus games, and can multiply the total bet. If multipliers are still in the game, massive winnings can result.

Nowadays, licensed casinos are fully optimized and compatible with all mobile devices, so slot machines can also be played on landed casinos, smartphones and tablets. Many reputable and advanced mobile casinos also offer customers a mobile casino app.

Wagering requirements, wagering requirements, game requirements: Bonus requirement, which describes how often the bonus that you have claimed in the online casino should be implemented so that it can be credited to the player’s account.

Video slots: Classic three reel slots have evolved over time, creating video slots, the modern and advanced type of slot. They are very popular with gamblers, because they have numerous paylines and can form winning combinations, lure with excellent graphics, impressive animation and various bonus functions. Many video slots also have an animated intro that takes you into the game. A real adventure with profit potential is offered to the players with the video slots.

Wild symbol: The wild symbol is comparable to the wild card in the card game and slot fans love this symbol because it can appear on the reels at any time and replace all other symbols in the game, except for scatter symbols. Wild symbols can make big wins if they complete a payline combination. Wild symbols often have the properties of the multipliers.

Reels, reels: Online slot machines usually have 5 reels or reels with virtually attached symbols. If the reels are spun, a winning combination can be achieved and thus trigger winnings.

Random Number Generator, RNG: Random Number Generator (RNG) is a system that generates random numbers that are not reproducible. Reputable and secure online casinos use the RNG system to ensure players a fair and manipulation-free game